College of Education

Michigan State University

CCMS Staff
Co-directors James J. Gallagher
Edward L. Smith
Faculty Associates Charles W. (Andy) Anderson
David Fortus
Christina Schwarz
Angela Calabrese Barton
Post-doctoral Associates Beth Covitt
Christopher Wilson
Graduate Student Associates Min-Jung Bae
David Grueber
Kristin Gunckel
David McLaughlin
Blakely Tsurusaki
Post-doctoral Associate

Mark Enfield
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Dean Grosshandler
Northwestern University, Evanston IL

Felicia Moore
Teachers College, Columbia University, New York

Graduate Assistants Rebecca Forthoffer
Aroutis Foster
John Lockhart
Valencia Moses

Key CCMS Projects Centered at MSU

Elementary Teachers and Curriculum Materials
Christina Schwarz, Project Leader

A research and development project to assist prospective elementary teachers in learning how to select, adapt, and use science curriculum materials as tools for effective science teaching. Project staff is working to develop and investigate the effects of models, assessments, and learning activities on pre-service teachers learning and enactments in planning, teaching, and reflecting on their professional work in relation to their students’ science learning. Staff members include Edward Smith, Beth Covitt, Dean Grosshandler, Min-Jung Bae, and David McLaughlin.

Environmental Literacy Project
Charles Anderson, Project Leader

A research and development project that is jointly funded by CCMS and other sources, including a ROLE Grant from NSF. The project staff is engaged in developing and testing components for an environmentally-based, K – 12 science curriculum, including content specifications, instructional goals, assessment items, and learning activities. CCMS staff members include Edward Smith, Beth Covitt, Kristin Gunckel, Valencia Moses, and Blakeley Tsurusaki, along with several other graduate students supported by other sources.

Mentor Teacher Program
James Gallagher and Edward Smith, Project Leaders

An outreach program to provide staff development for practicing teachers who serve an essential role of collaboration with faculty and staff in enacting MSU’s preservice program for science teachers. The Mentor Teacher Program provides a forum for interaction among practicing teachers, pre-service teacher candidates, and MSU staff about the goals, intentions, and procedures involved in the pre-service professional development of elementary and secondary teachers. CCMS staff members involved in this work include Dean Grosshandler, Christopher Wilson, and Kristin Gunckel.

Diversity Project
James Gallagher, Project Leader

A joint project involving staff members from all four CCMS partners (Project 2061, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Northwestern University) in fostering greater attention to the diverse populations in our nation’s science classrooms. The focus of this project is on improving curriculum design and teacher education to support effective science learning for all students. CCMS staff members include George DeBoer (Project 2061), David McLaughlin (MSU), Mary Heitzman and Shawn Stevens, (University of Michigan) and Su Swarat (Northwestern University).


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